Sunday, 5 February 2012


2012 the year of the DIAMOND JUBILEE and the UK hosting the olympics

Yes finally here they are photos of my paper mache bag.

I am not quite sure why it took me so long to finish this bag because today I had such a nice time.  The lining worked really well, I love the ribbon detail on the back and the diamante swirls.
Now to move on the next bag - the paper mache shell is made, handles are attached and it is ready for the next stage.

Bruce doesn't think much of the weather
The long promised snow arrived last night just before we went to bed - much to the  disgust of the cat.  Three thirty he woke me up to let him out, I opened the door and snow fell in on us.  I got the dustpan to clear up the snow and while the door was open he took the plunge and went out.  I set an alarm so I didn't leave him out for too long through falling asleep,  but I needn't of worried within ten minutes I heard him come back under the garden gate and opened the door to a very snowy cat.  That was it he hasn't been out since then - he has spent a lot of the day sitting on the window sill.   

The wind caused some weird and wonderful drifting.  Like the snow on this roof,  the snow outside our door was really deep but inches away there was hardly any snow at all.

Apart from having to dig the snow off the drive and brush the snow off the car  (We learnt last year in the snow that we couldn't get on or off the drive with large amounts of snow on it - just couldn't get any traction) we spent the day nice and warm inside by the fire.  In some ways a perfect day - log fire, drop scones for lunch and crafting away to my hearts content.

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