Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I feel really pleased with myself ..........two birthday cards made for yesterday both using images  found on PINTEREST.  Sorry no pictures of them.  Now I feel that my vast quantity of time spent on PINTEREST can be classed as research - straws being clutched here - instead of me just idling away my life.  I must start working my way through the large number of tutorials that I have pinned at some point.  Need more hours in my days (or more money so less work and therefore more time).

On PAPERCRAFTS.TV's https://www.papercraftstv.com/ special offers today I noticed a Teressa Collins Stampmaker Kit.  I was uncertain what this was so put in a search and came up with this :- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTX8cfHXH2E   Make your own stamps from anything sounds intriguing.  And as always on YOUTUBE there is another option http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50mBAKCnEk0&feature=related
I have not tried either of these methods but think the idea of being to create something that is truly mine appealing.

I have spent so time today picking my way through my box of buttons and removing anything that wasn't a button, and then washing the safety eyes and noses for soft toys that have spent several years in an open box getting covered with dust.  The joy of this is that I found the two belt fasteners that I purchased in the eighties - Junk shop discoveries.  I am not sure how old they are but the yellow one looks a little ART DECO to me.

After watching the last program on British music storming America I am feeling a little bit NEW WAVE so have been listening to The Clash, Eurythmics, Punk compilations and Ian Dury throughout the afternoon.   Looking back I can see why some of the bands may not appealed to some.  I loved the music of the late seventies and early eighties because finally bands were singing about Britain.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrDK0UoAkfY TUNNEL OF LOVE

Found my decopatch paper so I can do the last touches on the cat and glue his eyes on.  It is always nice when something is completed. I also have some really lovely red with a black lace design on it that is now screaming out to be used.  I have defiantly caught the decopatch bug. I also think I have figured out what I want to do with the book I am going to alter.  Part of me thinks it is sacrilege to damage a book so I found a very dull looking one in a junk shop and I am going to use that.  The pages I cut out can be used in card making and similar projects. Lots to do.

I also need to retake the photos of my Etsy items with different backgrounds - mainly so there is continuity in my listings and partly because I do not think some of my photos have done justice to my products.  We will see.

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