Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday Sunday

My shopping trip to Tunbridge Wells was in some ways not an entire sucessTwo of the three shops that I wanted to go to do not open on Sundays - quite a lot of Tunbridge Wells does not open on sundays (I am not really upset by this because deep in my heart I do not agree with sunday trading) and the third one was not quite as good as its website.  Also the shoes I chose to wear hurt my feet and rubbed a blister on one foot.  Right that is the gripes out of the way now for the joy that was Tunbridge Wells today.  I must stress that my idea of shopping probably is unusual and most of the chain stores  were open.

Firstly the weather was fantastic.  The shops that I did go to were really helpful and friendly.  It is hard to say which one was nicest:- 
There was BLOTT - a shop I had not known before where I brought some interesting pencils (that work as wax crayons and water colours as well as just being a pencil)  They say they sell stationery with a creative twist and they are not wrong.

LAKELAND LTD always give excellent service and this store did just that and more.  Then there was a branch of MR SIMMS OLDE SWEET SHOPPE as these are franchise shops it may be that some aren't as friendly as this one - I would go back and shop again so very friendly (and they liked my handbag) we were chatting for ages.

 I also found a new digital crafting magazine - THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO DIGITAL CRAFTINGHours of fun to be had.

I had forgotten just how hilly Tunbridge Wells is but I enjoyed a day that was well worth the blister and will have to go back .......on a saturday with better shoes.

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