Sunday, 5 February 2012

I SHOULD NOT HAVE BROUGHT A PILE OF MAGAZINES at the weekend because it has meant that instead of crafting over the last few days I have been reading and checking out shops on-line.  Both of which are fun and I enjoy but I have bags to finish and I want to continue to practise with the CRAFT ROBO - to many things not enough time.
I have been mulling things over and I think I have worked out a better way to make the tops of the paper mache bags.  The first one I made a totally soft top for, It is OK and as that bag is for me it doesn't matter too much that it is not perfect.   But for those that are going on sale a higher finish is needed - I think the answer is putting a cardboard insert into the fabric top.  This will give support and a better finish.  Everything else about the bag I love.  Photo coming soon.

I have had another attempt at lattice work on the CRAFT ROBO.  This time starting with a basic rectangle, it would appear for beginners at least the trick is to start with an image as large as the page will hold and when the design is finished reduce it to the required size.  This is what I did after "losing" the square I was adding to the lattice.
1 draw a rectangle as big as you can 
2 add a small square in the top left hand corner
3 when happy with the size and position copy and paste that square - move new square into position and now   there are two.
4 continue to copy and paste until the  top line is filled with squares
5 next copy the whole line of squares and paste - now there are two lines carry on till your shape is filled.
6 weld your design together and reduce to the required size.

I spent so much time trying to get a lattice effect in the same way as I would in the real world - which disappeared as soon as I welded my shape together.  And questions & answers on the forums seemed assume an intelligence that to be honest I had/have not yet achieved. I am sorry if my instructions are overly simple but I cannot be the only one struggling.  As I have said I do not want to copy other peoples designs I want to DO  

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