Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A card for New Zealand

I brought a copy of CRAFTERS COMPANION - CRAFTERS INSPIRATION last week.  The main reason I brought it was because I had a coupon, but as I read it I found lots of interesting things to make.  The first item on my list was an easel card with drawers.  I wanted to make this for my partner's Stepmother as she has been so wonderful to us over the last year.  Not exactly a Mothers Day card but it was important to us that it got to her for Mother's Day.                                  

 A quick read through the instructions and some spare cash sent me off to buy the CRAFTERS COMPANION ULTIMATE PRO - I have been meaning to buy it for a while and as I needed one for this card I took the plunge.

Things were going well until I needed to start scoring the drawers and draw sliders.  I got very confused by all the references to a BOXER BOARD.  And sure enough missed by me in the list of tools BOXER BOARD.  Not only did I need the BOXER BOARD but for this project I didn't need the ULTIMATE PRO!!  
This made making the card slightly harder (the whole point of these tools is to make things easy) but not impossible.  So, here it is, my very first Easel card.  I was so happy when I finished the construction that I got a little carried away with some of the decoration and added some twisted ribbon and flowers.  
 The drawers have got hidden gifts in them and a little thank you note.  

    Finally I just want to say   I NEED A BOXER BOARD!!!

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