Wednesday, 22 May 2013

MAD FOR NEEDLES - for every task a needle

 SOME PARTS OF MY CURRENT GOLDWORK PROJECT would be much easier if I have the correct size needles - easy to solve I will get some while shopping.  Little bit of a mistake ..... yes I got the needles I wanted, some Chenille needles that should have the right size eye to pull the gold threads to the wrong side of my work.  To be sure I also got a pack of assorted craft needles that had a couple of needles with larger eyes.  It is after that things got a little out of control.  Large plastic needles for sewing knitted projects together,  Doll needles - extra long for making soft toys and dolls, and some straw/milliners needles.  These could be useful if I take apart and repurpose the two cheap hats that I brought last year.  They were too small so I plan to turn them into purses.
 This was a pure impulse buy.
A PARALLEL TRACING WHEEL.  As I do not seem to be able to see any clothes I like at the moment it would be a good time to make my own again.  This will make my partner very happier as I am planing to work my way through by beautiful collection of fabric to start with.  He is very good and has even offered to lend me money when I have run out of funds - one of my favourite places to
fabric is at the multi period re-enactment show held at Kent County Showground.
There is usually a stall there with reasonably priced 100% linens and silks.  I have often struggled around the event hugging a huge pile of fabric.
 In the past I have just bastardised patterns to get the effect I wanted - the sleeves from this and the collar from that.  This time I feel like drawing my own patterns.  This book PATTERN CUTTING MADE EASY from SEARCH PRESS should help me in my quest for individuality and I think the tracing wheel will help me create my patterns. 
Loved the look of the needle weaving in this magazine so the last things I brought were some purple wire and some variegated thread ready for when the muse takes me. 

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