Friday, 10 May 2013

GOLDWORK EMBROIDERY PROJECT - the first few stitches

 I HAVE DECIDED TO SPEND some time on my own enjoyment. Over the last few months I have been so concerned with creating items for my on-line shops and the ill fated shelf in Margate that I stopped making things just for fun.  That isn't to say I haven't enjoyed making all the bits and bobs because I have.  I think that I have been neglecting me.  So the goldwork project I started is top of the list.  

With two very good books from SEARCH PRESS 
and a couple of sets of SIESTA FRAMES

I have made a start.  The frames seemed to be the best option for setting up my work although I did struggle to get the recommended drawing pins into the woodBoth books are well written and explain everything clearly - a godsend for a style of embroidery I am new to. If I could only have one of them it would be this one.
 This is quite labour intensive but I am enjoying it so much that I am not noticing the time passing. 
This last picture shows the areas where I have used soft cotton thread padding before embroidering over them.  My goldwork at this stage is copper not gold.

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