Monday, 13 May 2013

GOLDWORK EMBROIDERY - flowers nearly completed

 The first part of my design is nearly completed.  
I had a quick read of one of my books yesterday.  My Goldwork books have been my bedtime reading for the last few weeks.  And I haven't followed the 'order of work' to the letter.

 I should have done all the padding first, then the outlining before starting to fill the design.  I haven't done this because I wasn't to sure what it was I wanted to do.  Even as I was working along the first stem I changed my mind about how I wanted it to look.
 Even though I have freestyled my work to a certain extent I am very pleased with how the embroidery is progressing.  Yes, there are some mistakes - but this is my first attempt.  
 The different ways to couch the threads to the fabric give so much texture to the work

 and even working with a limited palette (copper in this case) there is great depth of colour.

Luckily I had some small beads that were the right colour.

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