Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Catch up gardening, late April 2013

A week ago, monday I finally got round to planting the tomato and pepper seeds.  I don't remember ever leaving planting so late.  Because the greenhouse needed cleaning out before I could use it I put the seed tray in the bathroom to germinate the seeds.  Sunday morning the first plants were coming through.  

We had, again, stored wood for the stove in the greenhouse through the winter.  This time the load of logs we had brought were wet (we were not happy about this as we had to dry them before we could use them) and this meant most  of our greenhouse  windows ended up with a layer of green slime over them.  

On sunday morning
I washed the windows with some diluted Jeyes fluid and I swept the benches and floor.  Just the two raised beds to tidy up now.  It is possible to bring the seed tray down from the bathroom and put it into the greenhouse to stop the plants getting leggy.

This evening I was very happy to find 100% germination of the cucumber seeds, and a good germination rate of the other seeds.  The only seeds that have not germinated yet are the chilli seeds.  I am going to plant a few more to be on the safe side.  At the weekend I am going to plant the runner bean seeds and then I should be back on track.

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