Sunday, 20 November 2011


we arrived before the otters had been fed so lots of action in both enclosures
I got 15 cards made for Wingham Wildlife Park and we took them with us today when we went to see their latest cat.  I put my blog address on them so hopefully a few more people will find me.  There are some lovely pictures of Binx the puma on their facebook page includding one of him stuggling to keep his balance on the ropes.  We spent ages watching him - he was being so playful and like all the animals at Wingham loves the attention.  This is where the animals mostly rush over to see who has come to see them, a big difference from standing by an enclosure thinking "it says theres something in here but I can't find it".  The animals still have there privacy if they want it but lets be honest you go to a zoo to see animals. 

Tigers at play

Got most of the things done yesterday that I wanted to, I am really enjoying this crafting/baking not vegetating in front of the TV or online.The mirror is ok I think that I am using the wrong sort of paper which is why I am getting a papery finish to my designs coating with mod podge does help but I am going to try using ordinary photocopy paper instead of photo paper. It was not very clear in the tutorial I watched, or Ididn't understand properly.
 Slowly rubbing off the backing paper to reveal the design. I used masking tape to centre the picture on the mirror.  At the moment I am not sure whether to leave the edges as the are or to decorate them.  I am still having a little bit of trouble with some of the picture lifting but I can sort that in the final stages.
Cards for Wingham
Today I really need to crack on with our Christmas cards, Gifts and Items for Etsy.
Cards for Wingham


  1. What fun photos! I enjoyed reading your post.

  2. Just read an update from the Parks facebook page and early next year they will have two rescued lions. These wonderful people have come a long way since they had a petshop in Ramsgate as has the Park since they took it over. Well done to them.