Sunday, 27 November 2011

I have been busy busy busy making christmas cards this week - it has felt gloriously christmassy sitting in front of a log fire cat sitting on a chair next to me (if he doesnt have his own chair pulled out so he can enjoy the fire he steals my one as soon as I move, and sometimes before I move) and lots of paper, glitter and ribbon.  I am about halfway through now,  I have already made my favourite card for this year, I keep putting it up on the shelf so I can admire it, now to work out who to send it to.

I will have to get in touch with Wingham wildlife park to see how they got on with the christmas cards I gave them and if they would like more.  We have some fantastic pictures of the tigers now that should make nice cards.  I hope the cards sold as they are fundraising for the lions at the moment.  .

I have been having a lovely time on ETSY making a treasury lists.  What a beautiful way to get noticed - admiring the talent and work of others.  I have had a lot more views for my items since I stared doing the treasury lists, got some more admirers for my work ( no sales as yet but it is coming up to christmas) and found some things to give as presents.
  This is one of my treasury lists     Nearly half the items on one of my earlier lists have vanished I suppose they have been sold.

Today I must carry on getting the cards made and carry on making my neices bag.  And there all the ideas that are bouncing around in my head that might work on Etsy.  (note to self do not go to PINTEREST till you have completed targets)  I had a very busy start to the day - making snickerdoodles, scones and lemonade before breakfast. 

Took advantage of yet another bright sunny day and unpacked the last of the wood we were given from a piece of local woodland, unfortuantly the wood had worm in it so we are burning it first so it doesn't spread to the rest of the stored wood.  I also cleared, sorted and then refilled the log rack by the fire so we don't have to go rushing out to get wood as soon as we get home from work.

 A new bangle..... its hard to see in the picture but there is a bronze like look to this bangle that means its lightness is a shock.

I have just got some red ribbon and black lace for the next one. 

Today I brought some felt flowers which with a few beads of buttons will work really well.  There were several different sizes in the pack.


  1. Oh the bangle is beautiful, what a great idea. hope your cards went down well at the wildlife park.

  2. I just love that bangle. I'm into anything with flowers! I think they are so feminine and brown is a very nice colour too! I'll come back to your blog and browse some more. Very interesting! :)