Sunday, 6 November 2011


Today has been quite productive. I have got three Christmas cakes made, Got seven and a half 400gram jars of mincemeat maturing nicely and finished the bag with the picture of the '67 Mercury Cougar ready to  photograph and list on Etsy in the morning. Isorta dont want this one to sell because I want it - but I have felt this way about all of them its how I know if I have got it right.

Its lovely sitting here smelling the Christmas cake, I love Christmas. The baking, cardmaking, sweetmaking, making and buying presents, wraping presents (might get a bit fancier with that this year), making mulled wine, bringing out the tree ornaments that I have been collecting for over thirty years and trying to find a few new ones to add to the collection.

Tommorrow I am making mixed fruit jam.  I am going to use the Serif craft artist to design the labels.  We have friends coming rpund in the afternoon so another excuse to make Snickerdoodles.

Poor Bruce has not been enjoying the fireworks he spent some of the evening in the basement under a table.  He didnt used to be bothered by them until a couple of years ago.  There does not seem to have been that many this year - he hasnt sat sniffing the early evening air deciding if its safe to go out



  1. Oh well done you getting all those cakes done, you reminded me I need to get on with mine....after I do some more knitting ;)

  2. I havent made any christmas cards yet and after you have dont it for a few years you almost feel you have cheated people if they dont get a home made card. I have a few more cakes to make because I give them to people as presents.