Friday, 4 November 2011


I have been giving homemade cakes, sweets and preserves to friends and family for several years now.  Up till now I have been using packaging from Lakeland Ltd for sweets and saying I need the tin as I hand over Christmas cakes.  But while I was in Wilkinsons earlier this week I saw the potential of the plain red round tins they have on sale.  At only £3.00 for two tins they would make the perfect giftwrap (and if I get them back all the better though not important)
my tins but the red ones would work so well for Christmas

Perfect fit
I then remembered some little covered cardboard chest of drawers that I had got with a view to altering and hadn't touched.  A quick check showed they are the perfect size to hold jars of jam and chutney. So all I need to do is Christmasify them a bit.


As this idea of using tins as packaging really took hold it was quite a good thing that I went to Ikea yesterday.  For just over £5.00 they had sets of seven tins in various sizes.                            

so very pretty

These will be great for my truffles or biscuits.  This year I want to try making gingerbread shapes and possibly lebkuchen (my sister really likes these so it would be great if I find a recipe that she likes)

                                                                                                                                                                  I also got some of the 8x8"square mirrors in Ikea because they are so good to personalise and a very reasonable price.  I saw a link on Pintrest about transferring images onto wood and I want to give it a go.
The instructions for doing this are on YouTube  DIY wooden picture.

I have also just been given a couple of dozen jam jars which is great - my mincemeat can now be put into jars ready to mature and I have loads for mixed fruit jar and chilli jelly.!/DREAMTIMEMAKES

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