Wednesday, 16 November 2011


This is the start of my list of other blogs that I have enjoyed, found useful or that set me off on this current addiction.  Before I started my blog I had not really looked at blogs. Even after I had begun I did not really start.  But after finally realising that there were links to the recipes on peoples blogs attached to the pictures on Pinterest I started checking.  Now I have quite a lot of blogs that I read, enjoy, and learn from.         These are in the order I found them.....

The first one that I looked at was Bakergirl for her BLUEBERRY SNICKERDOODLE recipe. A recipe I have baked 5 times now. I have tried the original, with apple and plain - all were delicous.

Also very good for recipes is
Tomorrow I am (or rather by partner) is trying mircowave coffee cake in a mug - sounds perfect for one.

I love the pictures and images that can be found on
I make sure I look at them everytime there is a new blog posted.
Very good for cardmaking ideas, tips and tutorials, and challenges.

Other blogs that I like and follow ( and am quickly adding because I need to go to bed are:-
They cover cardmaking, spinning and knitting, and feltmaking. Lastly a site I found for my mother who has been struggling with mircowave wattage and cooking times - it does conversion charts and is so easy to use.

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