Sunday, 29 January 2012

A little vintage musing

Today while helping my mother sort through her collection of boxes I came across a little round wooden box with a slightly damaged label on the lid.  She didn't say how old it was when she gave it to me to treasure but as it is for No 4 BOOT BUTTONS I think it must belong to the beginning of the last century.  It is such a lovely little thing, I really seem to be developing a taste for vintage items.  She recently gave me several old wooden cotton reels and some other haberdashery items (not to use but to photograph so I can use the images).
I was a little stunned the other day when I realised that my carefully chosen collection of buttons quite likely counts as vintage - these are things that I purchased brand new, not that many years ago.  Surely I am not that old yet.  Does this mean that dressmaking patterns that I got in my early twenties are vintage? At that time I was using a little semi-antique shop (most of the things for sale were antique but not everything) to buy mother of pearl buttons, hat pins and diamante costume jewellery - when I could afford it. The things I was buying there I would have called vintage then.  Many of my Mother's fantastic collection of goodies could be classed as vintage.  Can anyone tell me how old things have to be before a vintage tag should be put on them?

I am also now the owner of a beautiful old fashioned glass jelly mould that I purchased today for the vast sum of one pound sterling.  At some point over the weekend I will be making a jelly.  

Just put the finishing touches to my first fimo "gingerbread fairings" and true to tradition I have gilded my gingerbread - with glitter and faux gemstones.  The glass mirrors have been cleaned and glued into place and the ribbon hangers have been threaded through the hole cut for them.  They are so gloriously glitzy.

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