Sunday, 20 May 2012

NEEDLE FELTING - a beginners experience

At the beginning of the year I made three resolutions: - to learn to use my craft robo (I have made a start on that), to do goldwork embroidery (I have everything ready now to start), and to learn needle felting. 

Ever since I discovered Etsy and Pinterest I have been seeing the most amazing needle felt creations.  Life like miniature animals, fantastic dolls and so much more.  It was all so beautiful that I wanted to see what I could do. 

This weekend, having collected all the things I needed, I decided to take the plunge.  I did a quick bit of Internet research and immediately found I had the wrong sort of felting needle. I also found all sorts of tips, help and tutorials.

I meant to try and make a penguin as it looked fairly simple.  Not surprisingly it was not that easy. 
I rolled my first shape and started work .... I love my creation and am really quite proud of it although I am not sure what it is exactly.

my very first piece of needle felting

Still a lot more practice needed.

A trip to the shops to get some other needles - it should be easier to do the finer detailing.
not quite sure what this little creature is

 This looks like a very good tutorial - so trying to make a bear could be the next project.
Although my creation did not end up quite as I had intended I liked needle felting so much that I am really glad that I decided to give needle felting a go.
he looks a bit like a rabbit dressed as a dragon

 I found these little creatures when I was searching for information on how to needle felt. 
 Twenty of the coolest and weirdest needle felted creations 

my second piece of needle felting
I also tried the other method of needle felting (the type my needle was for)  and made this butterfly. 
This was felted on to a piece of grey felt roughly cut into a butterfly shape. 

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