Saturday, 26 May 2012

pot holders and lavendar bags

With the fabric I got from strawberry fayre  several different projects came to mind: -

Pot holders either done in patchwork - a craft I had not tried or applique which I do like doing and which would give me a chance to try simple quilting techniques.  The pot holder idea would also work to stand pots on.

 Patchwork (of a fashion) was the only thing I could think of to do with 400 inch squares of fabrics.   Because the squares were so small this was a nice project to carry around.

 A selection of pot holders ready (mostly) to be pressed. Then to have a layer of wadding and a backing piece added, a little bit of very simple quilting and the edges bound.
  The other project being lavender bags.  I promised my Mother that I would make her some.  I still have a bag of dried lavender from my garden last year and she just wanted plain and simple bags to put under her pillow. 

 These have to have been some of the simplest things I have ever sewed.  Just two squares from a charm pack sewn together with running stitch, no turning right sides out and then filled with lavender and the last side sewn up.  The lavender is still very fragrant - last year must have been a very good year.

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