Thursday, 10 May 2012


On Sunday my friends and I went to the see the bluebells at Kings Wood in Kent.

It was not my first plan (which was to go to the Warren at Folkstone) but the weather had been so wet in the week leading up to the bank holiday we all decided on a change of venue.  Sunday was not a particularly nice day either but this is England and if we waited for the perfect day we would go nowhere and do nothing.

This was not the biggest puddle or the most mud we found.

All the puddles had to be assessed to see if crossing was viable by my young friend shown in this picture

 But although it was definitely on the cold side and extremely muddy the woods were very busy (so much so when we arrived we thought there was an organised event).

Going maybe a week earier might have shown us a better display of bluebells and a warmer day may have filled the air with perfume but I love walking in the woods at any time of year.  In spring there are so many different greens as leaves burst their buds.

Old mixed woodland like Kings Wood with its mix of trees - such as birch, beech and sweet chestnut are a joy to walk in. 

I love the way that time transforms the coppiced trees.

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