Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Fridge magnets and phone charms

I found some magnetic paper that can be used in an inkjet printer a little while ago and thought that I would see what I could do.

I spent some time drawing snails (mostly because I had decided to do a goldwork snail as a practise piece before starting on my goldwork embroidery project).  This was mostly to get the size right but as I was doing it I found that each one seemed to have its own little quirks and characterBy the time I had five different little characters I stopped trying to draw a goldwork design and started to think what other personalities I could invent.  I now have ten cute little snail characters completed and printed onto the magnetic paper. 

Each little snail has a different story to tell - a story that I have enjoyed developing almost as much as I enjoyed creating the snails

Zombie snail fridge magnet

 From poor little Zombie Snail with his damaged eyestalk, bite marks and the holes in his shell to Cheesy Snail with his big grin I am struggling to find a favourite snail.  

I have just found some information about zombie snails (and I had no idea that they are real) I feel quite sorry for them.
I am not that keen on that thousands of snails that seem to have chosen to live in my garden but I love these fellows.

Cheesy snail

I love them so much that I decided to also print them on shrink plastic and make them into phone charms.   I have listed both the fridge magnets and the phone charms on my FOLKSY Shop.


pirate snail phone charm

At the moment all the snail fridge magnets and the phone charms have free postage and packing. 

surprised snail        zombie snail
sad snail               bashful snail
sorry snail            vampire snail
happy snail          pirate snail
cheesy snail         hippy snail

so why not come and meet them all at . . . . . . . . . . http://folksy.com/shops/DREAMTIMEMAKES
I look foreward to seeing you there. 

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