Monday, 7 May 2012

A new toy to play with - BIND-IT-ALL

On Thursday I was given a BIND-IT-ALL as a present.  I have been looking at them for some time trying to assess how useful they would really be.  After all these things are not cheap and if they are not used (or used enough - I really must get the craft robo out of the cupboard) then much needed space is taken up storing yet another gadget.
A general Internet search lead to CUTTING EDGE CRAFTS.  I have never brought anything off them before but their site was easy to use, they had everything I wanted, and there was free postage.  The parcel arrived very quickly and was well packed. 

After a quick run through of the instructions and making sure that the covers would end up in the right place I had a go.  This is my first attempt a little book with black covers and grey card pages.  I think it will work quite well as a memory or brag book.  It was so easy to do - although I did cut the wire slightly to small to start with, I am saving that for another project.

CRAFTY COMPUTER PAPER have a competition this weekend so BIND-IT-ALL in hand I decided to give it a go.  I stamped a flight design on some paper and then photocopied it onto a cotton sheet (that you can print on) this is the cover of the book, I also stamped various images relating to the Jubilee to use as embellishments and printed them onto some fuzzy paper.

Before covering the covers with the cotton I glued a thin layer of wadding onto the card ( I used the sides of a wine box that I had)  It is important that you leave your printed cotton for about an hour before trying to remove the backing paper - it makes it much easier to do, to begin with I tried to get the backing paper off to soon.  I covered the outside of the covers with the cotton and  used some lovely floral rose paper to cover the inside.

Then I cut some card to size.This I thought, as I needed a Jubilee theme, would be an album to put Diamond Jubilee pictures into.  The holes for the book  were cut, a little effort needed as the card covers with the wadding and fabric were quite thick.  Then the book was bound together.  A little bit of decoration and the project is completed.

I put a clear sheet of acetate as the first page of the memory book. The second sheet has a ship design to commemorate Britain's seafaring history with a Union Jack in the top corner.

Brads and bakers twine fasten the book.

Most of the pages are blank a few have fuzzy paper additions like the word POSTCARD shown here.

My Partner needed some paperwork bound - it was a little fiddly to start with but after a couple of trail runs on some scrap paper we found it easy to bind the A4 sheet together into a book. 

The manual for the BIND-IT-ALL although brief is clear and concise and the guides on the machine are easy to use.  It is very important to empty the waste frequently.

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  1. I found an A4 binder in a charity shop. Complete with plastic binding rings, plastic covers, and a ream of yellow paper, all for a fiver. Sorry!