Monday, 30 April 2012

A WALK TO WORK - a journey in pictures

cherry blossom

just a house I like

After a weekend of near solid rain it was nice to have a sunny walk this morning (even if it was to work)  I got dropped off at the end of one of the roads leading to the sea, on the west side of Ramsgate.
It was usually the beaches on this side of town that we were taken to as very young children (although I do remember the main sands and donkey rides).  

bluebells under a beech hedge

A long promenade with gardens, putting,bowls,and croquet greens leads to sweeping paths to the undercliff and beaches. 
It is lovely to see the shelters some of which had become virtually derelict being restored.

Over to the west stands the last reminder of Richbourgh power station.

Deal pier stretches out into the English Channel and is clearly seen across Pegwell Bay.

Leaving the clifftop behind I walked down one of the paths to the undercliff and the sea.

This is a lovely time of year to walk by the cliffs because so many plants are flowering. In places it is hard to see the chalk at all.

looking back up the cliff face
waves breaking over the paddling pool
A rather grey looking high tide this morning - mostly caused by the chalk.  I can remember seeing the Devon sea for the first time and being amazed how blue it was.

looking out to sea

Sea Holly growing on one of the beaches shows how forgotten they are now a road to the harbour has been built, at times it feels like a private run of beaches.  
It is very sad because my memories take me to beaches that were full of people enjoying themselves.  It used to be such a pleasant area to 
walk with Chalets and cafes, 

The lift down to the beach - now derelict and a home for pigeons.
 I always liked the times we could use the lift when it was time to go home.
To the left of it are the steps leading to Govenment Acre.

just to show the weather hasn't cleared up yet

A cave high in the cliff guarded by pigeons with wallflowers growing under it.

Jacobs Ladder

The last bit of my walk takes me past  Jacobs Ladder, I used to think nothing of walking up and down these steps - now I would do anything to avoid them.

Onwards past the home for Smack Boys and along the inner Harbour wall.  
I love living near such a beautiful harbour, even if I don't see it every day I know it is there.
looking across the inner basin of the harbour

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