Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Back to work

It was back to work today after a week off.  A week in January with mild sunny days.  Whenever I talk about my time off and holidays I always go on about the beautiful places we have been to etc etc.  But there is one place we go to every time we have a break - the local recycling centre/rubbish dump.  It really is every time without fail I am beginning to feel that it wouldn't be a holiday if we didn't go.

I was rather busy yesterday so I didn't get to do anymore on the decopatch cat, Apart from choosing the eyes - I found a pair of blue eyes and a cat nose which were the right size in my box of assorted eyes etc for teddy bears and other soft toys.  I cut the backs off the eyes and the nose so they are ready to use.

This evening I made a couple more lavendar sachets - empty ones so there would be no issues with export.  Because they need to be filled later I have put a fastener on the back and a button for decoration.

 This is a link to a treasury I have made on Etsy.  I love making treasuries mostly because I really like looking a beautiful things.  It is very inspiring looking at the work other people are doing.

A couple of days ago we went to the City of Canterbury and took a walk in Westgate Gardens, as it is winter the shapes of the trees can be seen - I like trees.


As a child I was often taken to the Westgate Museum (which is now open again) and to the gardens by the river Stour.

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