Saturday, 7 January 2012

Inspired from childhood books

I have always loved reading - pretty much anything.  Although some of the histories I have tried have been very heavy going had quite often sent me to sleep.  There are many books from my childhood that I still dig out and read when the mood takes me and it is from some of these that I have got the ideas for my first crafted items of the year.
This is the first - I have called it PEPPERMINT PIG  which was the title of a book by Nina Baldwin and was about a family that brought the smallest pig in a litter for sixpence. They called it a peppermint pig because of its size which seemed to fit such a tiny little pig necklace.

The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge was the inspiration for the next necklace.  In her book white horses rush to the shore as the tide comes in.  This necklace I have called LITTLE WHITE HORSE OF THE SEA - there are tiny tiny shells as well as a slither of seaglass  included in the stem of the pendant.  This horse also reminds me of carousel horses. I am very pleased with how sea foamy the ribbon for the choker looks.  Again I want to keep it.

I want to make some gingerbread fairings - I liked the gingerbread of the sleigh I made a Christmas so much that I want to do more.  In the book THE GOOD MASTER  by Kate Seredy the family go to a travelling fair and buy fairings - big decorated gingerbread hearts with a mirror set in them.     This blog has some very interesting stuff about gingerbread.   
I also thought that a fimo version for keeping would work quite well, I need to search out my pack of fimo.

This how poor Bruce spent the evening
while I was busy making things.
Maybe not the most flattering picture.

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  1. Lovely necklaces they look difficult to make and welcome to show off your craft Saturday. hope to see you again next week.