Thursday, 12 January 2012

Trip to the warren and a huge haul of seaglass

carpet of Harts tongue fern

november sunshine in the woods
Yesterday I made my second attempt to get to a little bit of woodland at the bottom of the cliff at Capel-le-ferne near Folkestone.  The first time I tried going down the cliff - there is a zigzag path that takes you down.  I was fine to start with as there were some trees on the seaside of the path, then they stopped and I could sea the drop, so I bottled it and went back.  On to try two. Walk along the path at the bottom cliff, much much easier, what could go wrong.  This was not the sucess I had hoped for.  We walked miles to get to the right place then had to climb some chopped into the side of a hill steps - not as high as the cliff but still quite steep. I still have not managed to get to these woods.  I am sure that my fear of heights has got worse over the years, although it has always been a problem. I am determind to get to these woods - not sure how.  But I hope it will be worth it.  

still couldnt do it
Next time round I will be with them

After that major failure I found a little patch of pebble beach and right away saw several peices of seaglass.  By the time my friends had caught up with me I had already found about twenty pieces.  We even had a lady who was walking her dog looking for it with us, then she told us about a beach back the way we had come that had loads of glass on it.
my haul

Masses and masses of beautiful glass. The glass was nearly laying this thickly on the beach.  I also picked up a couple of pieces of sea worn slate that I thought I might paint.  And I found a Polly Pocket doll in very good condition.

 Would I like to live - not really sure.  As we walked along the seawall we spotted this shack built on the side of the cliff.  Although the views over the sea must be fantastic and it has to be a very peaceful place to live - when bad weather hits surely it would be horrible.  There was a rocking chair on a ledge and chickens roaming freely behind the gate.

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