Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Happy crafting day

The decopatch cat was completely covered really quickly and this morning when the glue was properly dry I could have a proper look at it.  There is one little bit on the front of the face where the paper has folded over that needs to have another small piece of paper put over it and a couple of places where the paper is lifting slightly - a dab of glue will sort that out.  Then I have to decide how to do the eyes, I am leaning towards cutting the backs off some soft toy cats eyes and gluing them on.  I am very impressed with how the leopard print paper looks - as though it is all one piece.

OK I am now hooked on decopatch and want to do more.

I put another couple of layers on the paper mache bag.  I have chosen the ribbons for the handle and the overall design is now firmly fixed in  my head.  I will put another layer of paper on the bag before work tomorrow.  Then I can start the handles tomorrow evening.

 I got two nearly finished items completed today and listed them on Etsy.

This is the first one - a decorated bar of soap.

I can remember being given these as a child by two Aunts.  Not very safe things to give a child as the decorations were held on by pins.  I have stayed true to my childhood memories and done the same. 

Decorated soaps must have been quite in vogue in the early sixties and late fifties because I also had a moulded soap in the shape of a spaniel. I had it for many years until it got chipped durring a move.
The other item is a glass bottle pendant.  With its braided ribbons lace and beads and the teeny shells and pebble in the bottle it evokes seashore memories.

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