Saturday, 14 January 2012

Craft Robo, Decopatch and Me

Have spent a couple of hours fighting with the Craft Robo.  I know that from the UK Scrappers forum I can download pretty much any design I want.  But that really isn't the point.  I want to be able to do it.  I do not think that I am particularly stupid and I think that I can usually find my way around crafting software programs reasonably well.  But this is driving me nuts.  Nuts that I will crack and produce things I am proud of that are my work.

lets just call it a step in the right direction
I managed to get the butterfly shape how I wanted it and copied it to make a smaller one to go inside so I can cut out a shell.  The lattice work is a nightmare.  My partner ( who brought the thing for me) thinks there has to be a repeat tool somewhere in the program - I haven't found it yet.  At the moment it is a case of putting each hole of the lattice in individually and then welding it together.

I still think that it will be the most versatile and flexible cutting system as you are not limited to preset cartridges it is just the learning curve.  I do not remember ever being this proud of something that I have made that is such utter rubbish
the only way from here is up and I will win.

so much fun to do
To reward myself for perseveringly with the Craft Robo I have begun the decopatch cat that I was given for Christmas.     
a link to clear instructions on how to do decopatch ( its a shop as well)

The decopatch is so enjoyable that I don't know why I have never tried it before.

 This reminded me that I wanted to make little paper mache bags/purses.
So I have begun one.
First layer of paper put on.  I think I have worked out a way of attaching the handles into the paper mache which will give the whole thing strength - nothing worse than your handles coming off.

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