Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Not crafting - a slice of social history instead.

Some time ago I purchased a dvd of vaious vintage images from EBAY.  Included on it were Christmas images, maps, war time posters,animals, faries, children and adverts - just file after file of images. 
Even though you know that there is a whole generation that was virtually forced to smoke ( my parents generation and those a little older and younger), looking at them with todays views  these adverts make such scarey claims.  Starting from the usual 'I am famous and I smoke so its cool'  some 
 claims get more and more outrageous


 Doctors it would seem have spent an incredible amount of time endorsing products for advertising campaigns.  I do not smoke and never have - I am neither pro nor anti-smoking. But I think the ever changing acceptable standards of advertising is interesting and at times a bit frightening.  I am glad though that I have copies of  these little snips of social history. 

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Back to crafting later today........

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