Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Its my partners birthday next week so he needs cakes for work this coming Friday. 

Because I love baking I have been looking forward to choosing the selection of goodies with him.

I am, however, a little worried as after his birthday last year I had a severe attack of needing to bake.  I wanted bake cakes all the time - not  the odd cake now and then I wanted to bake large numbers of different types of cake.  As there are only the two of us this quantity of cooking would have been impractical to say the least.

In the end we had to have lots of people to a brunch to get the urge out of my system.  And now it is birthday time again.

I have made the sausage rolls up tonight and tested a couple to make sure they are ok.  Luckily there are some bacon puffs in the freezer ready to bake so they will not take to long tomorrow.  Just tried the sausage rolls (quality control) very scrummy!

I have also baked the mincemeat squares tonight.  This is such a quick and easy  cut and come again cake.

125grams butter (softened)
125grams soft brown sugar
250grams self raising flower
1 level teaspoon of baking powder
3 eggs
400grams mincemeat

Put all the ingredients into a bowl and mix well
Put the mixture into a prepared 28x18cm shallow tin
Bake at gas reg 3/160 degrees Centigrade for one hour or until firm
Cool slightly and turn out and cut into fifteen squares

I am also baking chocolate brownies and maybe a lemon drizzle cake. But that can be done tomorrow.


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