Sunday, 4 March 2012


Had a lovely crafting weekend      
.......on our way home from shopping Saturday
 got a invite out for a friends birthday.
 So needed to make a card and present

The card I made using items from the DOCRAFTS goody bag I had just brought.

 And as a present I made her a telephone message pad using the set of vintage URBAN STAMPS.  I love this set although I am slightly confused by the inclusion of a VW split screen camper van in a range of British iconic images. 
The telephone box is perfect for a message pad.  I found out by accident while making the message pad that if the ink from SUKURA pens is still wet when micro/accent beads are put onto it then the beads stick to the ink.  It looked really good I will use this again on future projects.

Had a lovely evening celebrating her birthday with friends.



Part of Sunday was spent making headbands to list on ETSY.  They were great fun to make - I did six all different.  I like all of them, it would be hard to pick a favourite.  I really want to make some more.

What I really wanted to do was do some more of the book I am altering but "work" if I can get away as decribing the headbands as that came first.  I will try and find time to carry on with the book in the week.

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