Thursday, 22 March 2012


When I was fifteen I started to collect GOLDEN HANDS ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CRAFTS - a partwork publication.  It cost 35pence per issue.  I had a lot of fun making loads of the crafts included and it was often hard to wait for the next issue.  I made flowers out of tissue paper and crape paper, tried varies different types of weaving and made assorted soft toys.

Crafts covered included :- BASKETRY, BEADWORK,CLAY,APPLIQUE,PATCHWORK,SEWING, SOFT SULPTURE, UPHOLSTRY, PAINTING,PRINTING ENAMELING,LAPIDARY, LEATHERWORK, METALWORK, MOSAIC, PAPERCRAFTS, WAX, WOOD and lots more.  In my mid twenties after moving home several times I decided it was dated and got rid of it.

MAJOR MISTAKE  yes some fashions changed and even in the seventies I could not see the attraction of jewellery made from forks but I have yet to see a more comprehesive collection of crafts.  If you ever find a copy of this grab it.  I was incredibly lucky and was given a replacement by a friend who had discovered it  about to be thrown away. 

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