Monday, 19 March 2012


It is the BIG KENT WEEKEND.  This weekend 17 and 18 of march more than 120 attractions have donated tickets. We have tickets to EMMETTS GARDENS near Sevenoaks.
I was a little worried that it may be a little early in the year to see much.  There is really not that much sign of life in our own garden (the ornamental cherries are just showing signs of bud) but we are on the top of a hill and often have a late start.

soon to be a mass of colour
There was so much already in bloom.  And the promise of more to come - like the carpet of bluebells throughout the woodland walk.  This is not a grassy bank just masses and masses of bluebells.

 The plants were clearly labelled.  I do like to know what I am admiring and as I am often too lazy to write names down being able to get clear pictures is very useful.

There were also lots of interesting stumps, rocks and fallen trees.  All of which I love.

The shapes are the kind of sculpture I would love to have.  And as a couple of years ago I finally learnt to draw I tend to take lots of pictures of the so I can try to paint them.

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