Saturday, 10 March 2012


view from our roof
On Sunday  11th March 2012 Richborough Power Station will be demolished.  There is divided view points in our house about the power station.  I love it, when you have been away and you see it you know you are almost home, I think it looks lovely when the sunrise and sunset hit it and it has been there all the time I have lived in this area ( I will admit that if it was bigger than three cooling towers I may not feel the same way about it).  My partner hates it, always has, and thinks the sooner it goes the better.

I have been talking to a lot of people since the time and date for the demolition was announced and
these differing view points would appear to be reflected across the area.


While I feel that a campaign started in the last few months to save the power station was a little too late to do any good I do understand the sentiments that inspired it. 
Peregrine falcons have regularly nested there, it has been used in numerous films and TV shows and could even have been called the star of FULL METAL CHALLENGE a few years ago.  It is quite hard at the moment finding anything about the History of the power station because all the links are for the demolition.  I have heard that the construction won an award for design when it was built - I cannot find out more as yet. 
I found found all kinds of linked items such as Port Richborough and information on the East Kent Light Railway EKLR and of course the Kent coal fields which originally supplied the coal for the power station.  So I will finish with a debate found on THE KENT HISTORY FORUM

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  1. There is an amusement park in Holland that is built around a redundant power station similar to Richborough. They have built rides into the towers.