Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Getting down to reading

My shopping trip to Tunbridge Wells resulted in two new books for my collection:- SHE WOLVES a book about some of the Queens of England before Elizabeth Tudor came to the throne.  I had not realised when I found the book that it was also a TV series (BBC4 Wednesday evening at 9pm)  It covers some very interesting women and will be tonight's bedtime reading.

The other book is PAPER JEWELLERY by Sarah Kelly (a design and make book).  So far I have only had time to glance at it but it looks quite intriguing, I think it will be a proper how to do this book.

And there is still a big pile of craft magazines to get through - especially as the new ones are due out soon.......

I was quite pleased to re-discover my packs of wool this means I can try needle felting. 

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