Friday, 30 March 2012

Bags galore

I have been quite busy making bags since last weekend the first one is ready to list on ETSY and there are six more in various stages of development.  Some are paper mache and others started life as cigar boxes.

For some years now I have been bringing home the boxes when the shop I work in has had a delivery of Havana cigars.  The boxes are so lovely and looked so useful that I could not resist them and I have them squirrelled away in various places in the house.  It was only last autumn that the idea of turning them into handbags occurred to me.

The wood of these boxes is very beautiful and on the bags I have made this time it does seem a shame to have covered it up.  But I had found some lovely DECOPATCH paper that I wanted to use and the bags took shape from there.  

This one has a floral background - perfect for summer parties, picnics and weddings.  I sewed beads onto the centres of the felt flowers.

CIGAR BOX HANDBAGS/PURSES - the completed one and two almost ready.  I have to line the snakeskin one and attach the handle.  The Union Jack one just needs its handle and a little embellishment.

I made for myself a paper mache bag in January (this was the first one).  It has stood up to a bit of rough treatment and still looks good.  Although the bags are small compared with the huge things that are currently high fashion they are more practical.  AND who wants to follow the herd.

I have to get the linings made for these paper mache bags to finish them.  Then I can put on the finishing touches.

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