Saturday, 17 March 2012


 A few years ago while browsing through the craft and sewing section in my local paper shop I discovered the first issue of a re-vamped magazine.  This magazine had a cover disc with craft kits, software programs to install and contained tutorial's to help you make the most of everything.  Although I had several CD roms at that time I hadn't discovered the full potential of using the computer as a tool to craft with.  The name of that magazine was COMPLETE CARDMAKING.
A recently purchased another digital cardmaking magazine from the same publisher :- THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO DIGITAL CRAFTING.

From that moment my computer is as important to my craft as paper, glue and scissors.  I don't use it for every project but I now have a large collection of pictures and vintage advertising images as well as my own photos available to use.  

My first experience of SERIF was freeware that came on the cover disc - SERIF DIGITAL SCRAPBOOK.  I have tried a couple of other digital scrapbooking programs but I haven't found one as user friendly as this (or the newer SERIF CRAFT ARTIST).
It is easy to upload your work either as a private keepsake or to be shared with others, people at DAISY TRAIL are very friendly and supportive.  It is inspiring to see the fantastic works of art on the site.

Here are links to a couple of my creations
This is a fairly simple page with a picture of my cat.
This is a more complex layered piece only using items from the many digikits I now own.
This is me learning some of the different techniques to alter photos - the background of the photo was altered to emphasise the hot rod. (craft artist)

Some of the bags listed on my ETSY shop were started with SERIF.  All the images used were my own - just tweaked with the software, 

There are so many techniques available digitally that would be impossible any other way for example adding shadows.  Pictures can be layered to give a spooky other worldly feel.  Words and images can be reversed - useful for transferring images unto wood or making decals.

Add to all these digital delights some of the amazing products from CRAFTY COMPUTER PAPER and there are no limits to what can be achieved.  There are almost more varities of papers and fabrics to be used with an inkjet printer than can be imagined.

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