Sunday, 1 April 2012

CIGAR BOX PURSES - proper decopatch paper makes smooth running

The first finished cigar box looks great, I love the beaded flower centres and if I am honest this is another bag I want for myself.  With that purse?handbag finished and listed on ETSY
 it is time to carry on with the Union Jack purse.

I have some wooden letters to attach to the front that I want to have parts of the British flag printed on (that bit was easy).  I also want them to be really shiny - this proved to be a little bit more complicated.  To begin with I thought I could use embossing powder and a heat gun but this did not give the effect I was after, the varnish that I have would take too long to dry so I have used 3D glossy accents.  Exactly the look I wanted and while they were drying I attached the handle. Bag finished  and listed.
folds creases and lumps

My mother show me a Japan Lacquer box that belonged to her Grandmother (very fashionable in the early 1900's).  Inspired by this I thought I would make a handbag in this style.  I did a quick on line search for some more design ideas and got started.
showing the plastic I use so the box doesn't stick together

I had some black tissue paper to hand and decided to use that - deopatch paper cannot be that different. Or so I thought.  The tissue paper slid all over the place, twisted, rucked itself up and bits tore off and left gaps. 

I persevered and managed to get most of the box covered but I will have to sand it to get a smooth surface (decopatch paper just works with no dramas), I may have to put another layer of paper on.  For this project the difficulties with tissue paper do not matter - I would think again with other projects.

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