Friday, 6 April 2012

cats and their blogs

A friend posted this on facebook, I am sorry I do not know where the credit for it belongs but it made me wonder what sort of blog would a cat write.  BRUCE BOXSITTER the cat who rules our house explains.

First I need to get the hang of the mouse and mousepad - which to be honest are very different to the mice I usually play with.......

Life is good when your people are trained properly.  If you look sad enough you can get away with nearly anything.  For example two years ago when there was heavy snow for a long time and I had nowhere to shelter outside the house I managed to break away a piece of the wooden greenhouse door.  A nice warm place to sleep - was I in trouble for this?  Not at all, everyone was told how clever I was for finding a cozy corner.

They also had a fire installed for me.  It is hard to explain how wonderful being curled up on a chair by a roaring fire and the best chair is one stolen.  

hunting spiders

So for seven years my life has been a mix of sleeping, hunting, playing and serious fuss time.  I am looking forward to many many years of the same. 

Everything should stop when I want attention and mostly it does.

There have been dark moments in my life.  I spent a couple of summers not being able to leave the house in daylight - because of a pair of blackbirds.  Everytime I showed a whisker through the door they appeared and made alarm calls until I gave up and went back inside.  And to anyone who finds this amusing I say that bullies are bullies no matter what their size.  


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