Monday, 9 April 2012


Things achieved this weekend - I have found the felting needle that I brought earlier this year and I know where the packs of fleece are; I have nearly finished the BLING BRITANNIA bag that my friend wanted; I have started to finish three cigar boxes with yacht varnish and am really pleased with how they are looking; got some bangles started; I have worked out the design for my business cards.

Things in motion from this weekend - sorting out my craft stuff in an effort to get it all put in my cupboards in a way that I can find it all easily; removing the dried lavender from its stems so it takes up less room (before making lavender bags); continuing cataloguing my rubber stamps so I know exactly what I have.

Things that have eluded me this weekend - I cannot find the pack of business cards I got to go with my Etsy shop; I have yet to find the bag of beautiful leather that I got at Military Odyssey a couple of years ago.  

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