Sunday, 22 April 2012


There was a time not so long ago when craft magazines (although there were not that many) covered a wide range of crafts, articles on the history of various crafts and on crafters.

Then came the rise of cardmaking (please don't get me wrong I like making cards) and favourite magazines such as PRACTICAL CRAFTS and POPULAR CRAFTS disappeared.  I still have some old copies of these titles.  PAPERCRAFTING boomed and all other crafts appeared to fall by the wayside (jewellery, knitting and crochet have been sneaking back in).  I have purchased and enjoyed many of vast number of magazines about  Cardmaking, Scrapbooking and Papercraft even though I kinda started to make cards by accident.  Some years ago I promised to send someone something through the post every day.  My life was not so exciting that I had enough stuff to write a letter every day so I made cards.  My early efforts were not very good but years of practise and advice given in the many, many cardmaking magazines Had made quite a lot of improvement to my skill levels.

But now it is really really nice to see a revival of all manner of wonderful crafts and with them the return of POPULAR CRAFTS possibly better than it was before) as well as new publications - SIMPLY HOMEMADE and CRAFTS SELLER All of them taking us out of a cardmaking rut (although I love the way that many of the skills learnt can be used on so many different projects) and back to a wonderful diversity of crafts and ideas.  So much to inspire us

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