Monday, 2 April 2012

MORE PLANTS FOR THE POND and other tales

marsh marigold

Today we got a few more plants for the pond - this time from our local garden centre.  We went there for bark chips to tart up the area around the pond and decided to check if they had had any new stock in and we were lucky.

slowly taking shape
 Some of the plants we picked were old favourites,  the others we are hoping will not be to invasive.  

We carried on clearing the ivy that had got out of control in this area of the garden, and found several holly and hawthorn seedlings - far more than there is room for.
Before putting down some of the bark chippings we planted some ferns, foxgloves and anemones.   The log pile was moved to next to our water butt and some decorative pieces of wood put next to the waters edge

Still quite a bit of work to do restoring this area.  There is a Rowen that needs to be removed  but we are only going to remove the main trunk, leaving the suckers to grow.

The plants we got today are:-

myosotis palustris water forget-me-not
preslia cervina alba white water spearmint
mimulus ringens lavendar musk
mazus reptans blue blue mazus
gratiola officinalis hedge hyssop
cotula coronopifolia golden buttons

Although we are a little bit worried about the mint getting out of hand  the forget-me-not is a plant we have grown before and loved.  Just need some ragged robin now, which may have to wait till next year because we have seed for it.
wood pile and artyfarty decoration

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