Wednesday, 4 April 2012

MY GOLDWORK MAY NOT BE GOLD - getting started

Time to carry on with some more new year resolutions.  One of the things I am determined to try this year is gold work embroidery.  And as it is now the end of march and I have only scratched the surface of one of my three resolutions (the craft robo) I feel that instead of finding new crafts to try I had better crack on with my list.

Firstly I needed to find the fabrics and threads to work my design,  being me I do not want to purchase a complete kit detailing everything for me.  I want it to be mine. A few different searches  found this firm
Nice basic starterkits in three colourways (gold, silver and copper) and all the threads etc needed.  Downside was they also have the materials and tools for other emboidery styles and tequniques and I run the risk of getting distracted from my purpose.

While looking for other suppliers I came across  not what I want for my goldwork but their prices look reasonable, for £4.50 they do their whole range (400 fabrics) as approx one inch squares and it was a very user friendly website. This store is really for patchwork and applique fabrics.

Then I found a site with a large range of sample/project packs - lots of silk, nets, lurex and lame.  Such beautiful colours and theme packs very difficult to choose - mostly because I want everything.  Definately a place to return to.

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