Monday, 16 April 2012

MY GOLDWORK PROJECT - everything ready to begin

My goldwork parcel from arrived last week.  I confess I was slightly disappointed with the size of the piece of leather but overall I was very pleased with the my starter pack.  It gave me all the things I need without telling me what to sew. All I need now is a design. 

I had thought that either a seahorse or dragonfly design would be nice, which is why I was sad about the size of the leather - it narrowed my options. 

Having said that I do think that this starter pack is very good value.

In Maidstone a couple of weeks ago I found some Australian craft magazines, one of which was about goldwork embroidery EMBROIDERY AND CROSS STITCH PRESENT STUMPWORK AND GOLDWORK.  I really enjoy looking at other countries crafting magazines and tend to buy most of the ones I find.  This magazine has a very extensive and user friendly website (which I have bookmarked for future reference)

So on to my design ........  the seahorse not being practical I was left with a dragonfly.  I had a rough idea of what I wanted so I looked through a couple of the design source books from SEARCH PRESS, I think I have the whole range of the design source books.  SEARCH PRESS is one of the best places I have found to get books for crafts - definitely worth a look.


This is the dragonfly I have chosen.  The design is in ART NOUVEAU DESIGNS by Judy Balchin.  

I think that as a starter piece it should work really well.  (I was very tempted by a snail design that was on the next page).

I will let you all know how things progress.

The other parcel I received last week was bargain bags and the sample pack from     I was very impressed with these, I have no idea as yet what I am going to make but the bargain packs had a lovely mix of fabrics.  Some of the pieces are large enough to line the paper mache bags I am making for my ETSY shop,

I didn't get any fabric I didn't like and as for the sample pack of 200 plain and 200 patterned it will be very difficult to choose as they are all beautiful.

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