Monday, 16 April 2012

The first trip made to Bedgebury was a couple of years ago.  Desperate to look at Autumn colours and not enough time or money to go to the east coast of America or Canada we had to look closer to home.  This is the sort of thing that proves how wonderful the Internet truly is.  Of all the options the search provided BEDGEBURY seemed the most practical and appealing. 


Situated on the Kent/Sussex borders BEDGEBURY is a fantastic collection of all kinds of trees beautifully landscaped.  Wonderfully peaceful, sometimes birdsong is the only sound. 

It is very  easy to believe you are the first person to walk away from the path and find hidden wonders.


We have always found something new to see in every season although we have not been brave enough to make the journey in snowy weather but have seen photos.   

I am fascinated by the different bark textures of the various trees and I like the hollows in tree roots and stumps. I have quite a collection of images now that I want to try and sketch.

(Something else I am trying to cram in to a working day - sketching and painting).

 Surrounding the Pinetum is Bedgebury forest- we have also taken the occasional short walk through part of the forest.  The only thing wrong with Bedgebury is that we do not live close enough to visit more often.



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