Tuesday, 24 April 2012

MAGAZINE IMPORTS - unexpected treasures

On a recent trip to Maidstone, Kent I looked into a small newsagent to see if they had a magazine that I was looking for - they didn't. But they did have some Australian imports.

One on polymer clay

one on ribbon embroidery

one on goldwork and stumpwork

They must have been so pleased to see me as all of them were 2011 magazines and they have had them in stock for six months or so.

I was particularly pleased to see the goldwork one as it is something I am going to try.  The polymer clay magazine I got for my sister who is working with silver clay amongst other things. And the ribbon embroidery just looked interesting, with a beautiful butterfly design to try. http://www.craftlovers.com/

If I find any other magazines from this range I will definitely have a good look at them.

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